Time has flown, flown faster than a weaver’s shuttle, which apparently is pretty jolly fast.

So now it’s time to welcome a raft of new poetry books to the Pitt Street Poetry stable for 2018.

First up this year is Rainforest, a fine fourth collection from Eileen Chong, launched by Felicity Plunkett in Sydney before a crowd of 70+ on Saturday 5th May at the Stanley Street Gallery – and on Monday 7th May in Canberra by Melinda Smith at the eponymous Smith’s Alternative That Poetry Thing.  Seventy more people, they say, and around eighty books sold across the two events.  Nice.

On Sunday afternoon, 3rd June at Gleebooks two more new books will join the ranks: Distance – a first collection from Simeon Kronenberg, to be launched by Anthony Lawrence.  And 101 Poems, a ‘selected’ from the self-same Anthony Lawrence, presenting his greatest hits from 15 poetry books published over the last 30 years, to be launched by legendary Puncher & Wattmann publisher poet David Musgrave. This is the second volume in our new 101 Poems series which kicked off with one from John Foulcher back in 2016.

Later on in 2018 we’ll be pleased as Punch(er) to bring you new collections from Lesley Lebkowicz and Geoff Page.

Finally, coming up to the end of the year, we’ll delightedly welcome Felicity Punkett to the Pitt Street Poetry family with her first collection since the storied Vanishing Point, published by UQP in 2009, which won the Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Prize.

Six very different poetry books from six fine Pitt Street Poets, and each costing pretty much the same as a seafood pizza.