GP 101 Poems (2011–2021) (paperback)
GP 101 Poems (2011–2021) (paperback)
Paperback B format 128 x 198 mm. 208 pages. Full colour cover.
ISBN 978-1-922776-00-6.
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Geoff Page’s contributions to the Australian poetry community span the country and the decades.
Twenty-four individual collections published over the last fifty years. Events, reviews, mentorships, jazz musings and a warm, benevolent influence which reaches out from Canberra to every corner of the national poetry landscape.

This selection of 101 Poems surveys some of his best poetry, from A Sudden Sentence in the Air (2011) to In medias res (PSP 2019), and offers as an encore nineteen new, previously uncollected poems, including ‘Jericho’ which won the ACU Poetry Prize in 2020.

Join us in celebrating Geoff Page as he enters his ninth decade, his witty, affable, insightful and singular voice honed to its finest edge.