Lesley Lebkowicz     The Petrov Poems

This new verse novel was launched in Canberra by John Foulcher on Thursday 27th June 2013 at Paperchain bookstore in Manuka and in Sydney by Joanne Burns at Gleebooks on Thursday 15th August.

You can buy the paperback and the e-books here.

The Petrov Poems (paperback)
The Petrov Poems (paperback)

This gripping verse novel by Canberra poet Lesley Lebkowicz explores the story of Australia’s most famous espionage episode.

Price: A$25.00

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The Petrov Poems (e-book in e-pub format)
The Petrov Poems (e-book in e-pub format)

This e-book is compatible with most e-book readers except for the Amazon Kindle.

Price: A$5.00

The Petrov Poems (e-book in Kindle format)
The Petrov Poems (e-book in Kindle format)

This e-book is compatible with the Amazon Kindle.

Price: A$5.00



Lesley Lebkowicz  The Petrov Poems

In April 1954 Australia woke up to discover that Volodya Petrov, an attaché in the Russian embassy in Canberra, was also a colonel in the KGB and was planning to defect. The Petrov Poems charts the unfolding web of intrigue between Petrov, his colleagues in the embassy, and his contacts with the west. And the crucial role of his wife Dusya, thrust into a terrible crisis of conscience as the result of her husband’s actions and her past personal history.


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About the Author

Lesley Lebkowicz’s first poetry collection was Crossing the Sky (Five Islands Press, New Poets Series 8, 2001). She has also published a short fiction collection Washing My Mother’s Hair (Mockingbird 2001).  Both these books were published under the name Lesley Fowler.

Her non-fiction work The Way Things Really Are is a collaborative translation of the earliest Buddhist verse cycle, working from literal translations of the Pali by scholars Tamara Ditrich and Primos Pecenko.

Her work is represented in several anthologies.  It has appeared on buses and has been installed as part of a public art program in the paving in Canberra City.  She was shortlisted for the David Campbell Award for poetry in 2006 and won it in 2007

Lesley Lebkowicz was a child in Canberra when the Petrovs defected – she breathed in the drama taking place just a few streets from her home.


Lesley . . . has a clear unflinching eye . . . there is a strength in, and an immediate engagement with, these poems. 

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About the Artist

Dean Brown shows his menacing etchings and paintings with Australian Galleries and Gallery Ecosse

Dean Brown Urgent Delivery
    Dean Brown.    Urgent Delivery, 2009      Etching and aquatint


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