Welcome to the web page of a new Sydney-based poetry imprint to be known as Pitt Street Poetry.

Our offices are located in the decidedly dodgy end of Pitt Street, down near Central Station. Watch this space for news of our first publications.

And yes, if the phrase Look Stranger! sounds familiar, it was the British title of WH Auden’s slim 1936 volume of 31 poems renamed On This Island when it was published by Random House in the USA in 1937.   Auden disliked the original title, which was chosen by Faber without his knowledge or approval while he was traveling in Iceland.  He said it sounded like the work of a vegetarian lady novelist.

Pitt Street Poetry sees the Faber-Auden nexus as a Platonic ideal and will be proud to offer its poets the same high standard of loving care and affection.

A propos, our new imprint warmly welcomes submission of your manuscripts of poetry books, providing they are of similar quality.




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