Selected reviews of Burning Rice by Eileen Chong


‘there is more to the author than well-made Austral-S.E Asian poetic pieties’

Martin Duwell Australian Poetry Review July 2012


‘The poems here are informed by what James Clifford calls “the empowering paradox of diaspora,” which is “that dwelling here assumes solidarity and connection there.”  They ride the creative tension between countries, cultures and languages.’

Kim Cheng Boey Mascara Literary Review 2012


‘Think the sacredness of bathhouses, mooncakes and photo albums braided with beautiful descriptions of quiet and reflected moments’

Metre Maids


‘. . . simple, direct and emotive images of comfort food, shared knowledge, human bodies and remembered places appeal to the senses on a personal level, but also invite broader critique of diasporic separation, familial disintegration, loss of culture and longing for connection in general.’

Siobhan Hodge Cordite Poetry Review September 2012


‘. . . these are my memories, this is my history, this is my poetry.’

Mark Roberts Rochford Street Review February 2013


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